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Rabu, 16 Maret 2011

Fubuki Atsuya

Fubuki Atsuya
JP name: 吹雪アツヤ
Dub name: Aiden Frost
Team: Hakuren(9) Raimon Eleven (9)
Position: Forward
Number: 9
Element: Ice
Seiyuu: Mamoru Miyano
Fubuki Atsuya (吹雪アツヤ, dub: Aiden Frost) is the twin brother of Shirou Fubuki and was the forward to Fubuki's defense. When he was still alive, he used to play soccer with his older twin brother Fubuki, being the offense among the two. He and his parents died because of an avalanche but Fubuki did not die because he
pushed him out of the car. After his death, Fubuki started having Atsuya in his personality, making him use his shoot, Eternal Blizzard. He has pink hair with little "devil horns" above it, the same blue-grey eyes as his twin brother and he wears a grey scarf. In contrast to his brother's gentle personality, he is mostly a very mischievous boy, just the same with his forward position. Though he may be naughty at times, he is only nice to one person and maybeonly one person in his lifetime and that was Fubuki, his twin brother.
When he possessed Shirou it was like to teach him a lesson that Atsuya shouldn't be the one to work with it was supposed to be the entire team. When he was born inside Fubuki's personality, Atsuya has grey hair, still the same old "devil horns" and yellow orange-ish eyes and an evil little smile. A lot of the time, he feels that he has to be perfect, and doesn't let the rest of the team help him, preferring to do things on his own. 

Fubuki Shirou

Shiro Fubuki
JP name: 吹雪士郎
Dub name: Shawn Frost
Team: Hakuren, Raimon (temporary), Inazuma Japan
Position: DF/FW
Number: 9
Element: Ice/Snow
Seiyuu: Miyano Mamoru
Fubuki Shirou (吹雪士郎, dub: Shawn Frost) is the captain of Hakuren, joining Raimon to help them against Aliea Gakuen. He is one of the defenders and forwards of Hakuren, Raimon and Inazuma Japan.
Shirou used to play alongside Atsuya in the Junior Team. The older twin would steal the ball, while the younger twin would score the goal. They were the perfect defender-forward combination. One day, while their family was driving them home from a soccer match (that they won of course), there was an avalanche. Shirou's life was saved because he was pushed out of the car just in time, but Atsuya and his parents died. Due to the accident Fubuki is morbidly afraid of any sound similar to an avalanche. Ever since then, Atsuya's personality was born inside Shirou. Shirou told Gouenji Shuuya how he felt when he surrendered to Atsuya. He said, "When I gave up to Atsuya I could feel power within the depths of my heart, it felt good."
Shirou is seen usually with a gray scarf on his right side which contains Atsuya's personality, and used to belong to Atsuya. His eye color is gray and his hair is short, gray and spiked but during the battle against Genesis his brother's personality fades away when he took of the gray scarf, in the next episodes Atsuya doesn't appear anymore. When in Atsuya his eye color is orange and his hair has two "Devil Horns" on the top, he usually takes risks. During their battle against Genesis, he and Atsuya combined. Everywhere he goes along with Raimon, there are always girls who want to talk and hang out with Shirou, because he is undeniably handsome (though he has never used his appearance to gain information again only in the Aliea Academy arc). One of the examples is when the team travelled to Manyūji Junior High in episode 36.

PersonalityEdit Personality sectionEdit

Fubuki in Inazuma Japan's coat
He is a very timid person and used to be a defender.He can be either a defender or a striker, and is good at both. Shirou is very shy at the start of Aliea Academy Arc and doesn't want to be alone, so he keeps a scarf with Atsuya's personality inside it in.When Atsuya is in control, his hair lifts a bit, his eyes glow bright orange and he grins, looking quite sinister. Atsuya plays fairly aggressively. By the time FFI starts, he is braver and is willing to speak up for himself.
As Atsuya, he is a little sadistic and menacing, but becomes a powerful striker. Later, the two personalities merge together to become stronger.
Fubuki is also shown to be good with girls as he often charms them into revealing information for the benefit of the team. However, he is also shown to be uncomfortable with certain types of girls, as seen in Episode 50.
Fubuki in Hakuren's uniform

Fubuki's family
When the Raimon Eleven team first meets him, he was a complete stranger in the middle of a blizzard in Hokkaido, a few miles from the Northern Ridge. He was shivering in the cold but Endou Mamoru let him inside the bus. In return, he saved everyone from a rampaging bear that shook the entire bus by killing it and moving the bus with a single kick. He was also the captain of Hakuren Junior High School's Soccer club in Hokkaido and is both an excellent defender as well as the team's ace striker. He joins the Raimon Eleven in Episode 33 to defeat Aliea Academy's Gemini Storm. He is afraid of loud noises resembling avalanches, due to his family being killed in an avalanche. Initially, he has a split personality, and switches to his brother's when on the offensive on the soccer field .He also had a time when he was baldly injured due to his brother Atsuya who wanted to play all time.He wanted to become a perfect Soccer player and believed that he could only do so if he "became" his brother (his father's comments right before the avalanche accident led him to believe this). With Gouenji and the others' help, he realized that what his father meant was that he could be perfect only if he played alongside his teammates. Soon, he broke free from both his trauma and his twin brother's personality, merging himself and his brother's spirit as one thus growing stronger as well. His brother taught him a lesson that he should also work with his team mates besides Atsuya.
Fubuki in FFI
Later Shirou becomes a member of Japan's national team, Inazuma Japan for the Football Frontier International (FFI) three months after the Aliea Academy Arc. Unfortunately, his leg gets badly injured in this match and is taken off the team with Midorikawa. He eventually returns to substitute an injured Kurimatsu. After his return,he saw a letter with Hiroto from Midorikawa, telling them that he will not give up, and that he will come back soon. After that, he continues to get stronger, and scoring many goals to the team. After many difficult matches, Inazuma Japan finally make it to the finals of the FFI.
Fubuki helping to fight against Ogre.
In the movie he is to join and help the Raimon Team to fight against Ogre along with Toramaru, Tobitaka, Fideo, Hiroto and Kanon.

Senin, 14 Maret 2011

Gouenji Shuuya

Gouenji Shuuya.JPG
Gouenji Shuuya
JP name: 豪炎寺 修也
Dub name: Axel Blaze
Team: Kidokawa (former), Raimon , Inazuma Japan
Position: FW
Number: 10
Element: Fire
Seiyuu: Hirofumi Nojima
Gouenji Shuuya (豪炎寺修也, dub: Axel Blaze) is one of the main characters in the Inazuma Eleven game, manga and anime. Originally from Kidokawa Seishū Junior High, Gouenji transferred to Raimon Junior High. He's the ace striker of Raimon and Inazuma Japan.

When he was young, Gouenji was shown to be a talented player. His parents would often come to his games to cheer for him. They said that he had a talent for soccer and were tremendously happy for it. However, after his mother's death, it was as if his father became a whole other person. He wants Gouenji to quit soccer and become a doctor. Gouenji and his father have been arguing about this subject ever since.
Right before the finals in the Football Frontier last year between Kidokawa Seishū and Teikoku, Yuka had an accident and was in a coma ever since. After this, Gouenji's father grew even worse. Yūka was hospitalized in Inazuma General Hospital, where Gouenji's father worked.
Gouenji family.png
Gouenji thought that if he hadn't played soccer, the accident wouldn't have happened to Yuuka, and that how can he relax and play soccer when she is suffering. Gouenji keeps an amulet made by Yūka, transferred to Raimon, and swore that until she wakes up, he won't play soccer.


He has fiery white hair and zigzag eyebrows. He usually looks very serious. Casually he wears a white hoodie with an orange jacket over it, and brown pants.
Axel Blaze.jpg


He is cool and calm at most situations. He cares deeply for his sister and has a strong passion for soccer. When one of his team members aren't functioning well, he kicks the soccer ball hard at them. And when they look at him in surprise , he makes them realise their mistake and corrects them. This shows that he takes interest other people and understands their feelings and shares their sorrow and happiness at all time.

Plot Overview

Gouenji in Raimon

Gouenji's sister, Yuuka, was in a coma because of Kageyama's interference to stop him from playing against Teikoku. He keeps an amulet made by her, and vowed to never play soccer again. But then he was struck by Endōu's "never give up" attitude, and Natsumi's persuasion telling him that his sister would have wanted him to play soccer the most, regains his passion for the game. He changes his promise to become the champion of the Football Frontier.

In the Aliea Academy arc, he got kicked out of the team after he got distracted on a match against Aliea Academy. Later, the Raimon Eleven hear of rumors of the "Flame Striker" in Okinawa and travel there to find him, in the hopes that he is Gouenji. He is seen hiding in the shadows watching Raimon practice, and even saw the confrontation with Burn and Hiroto. Later on, on the match
against Epsilon Remastered, Gouenji views the match under a disguise (an
Gouenji returns!

(orange and black hoodie) and it is shown that he and Raiden Hijikata know each other. Later on in the match, three mysterious men try and take Gouenji away but he tricks hem. He runs back to the match and at the last minute he rejoins the team. The Raimon Eleven are delighted that he came back to Raimon Eleven. In the second half he is able to score 2 goals with Fire Tornado kai (fire tornado remastered) and Bakunetsu Storm and they won the match.

In the Football Frontier International, he was picked as the candidate to join Japan's national team, Inazuma Japan, and was placed in the B-team, Kido's team and got in. Later, he was almost out of the team again before the finals, because his father wants him to study in Germany and wants him to become a doctor. But later he was able to show his father how much he loves soccer and he still stays in the team. He makes a new hissatsu technique called "Grand Fire" with Hiroto and Toramaru between Argentina even though they lose, 2-1. Gouenji is the voice of reason of the team. He is the type of person who keeps his past a secret from others. He's a great friend and is relaxed in a game even though the odds of winning are against him. However, when his team mates aren't doing their best, he reminds them that they are the best team in Japan and nothing can hold them back from reaching the top. He followed the white team into the depths of hell to the Demon's Gate. Then afterwards he and Inazuma Japan were fighting against the Kingdom, and he got the 2nd point for Inazuma Japan, with Someoka and Hiroto in a chain shot consisting of their individaul hissatsu combining all of them.

Gouenji Masato

Gouenji Masato.png
Gouenji Masato
JP name: 豪炎寺真人
Dub name:
Position: FW
Number: 12
Element: Fire
Masato bigger.jpg
Gouenji Masato is the grandson of Gouenji Shuuya and Natsumi Raimon .He looks like his grandfather, he is good friends with Endou Kanon .

Nagumo "Burn" Haruya

Nagumo "Burn" Haruya (南雲晴矢 バーン, dub: Claude "Torch" Beacons) is a forward and the captain of Prominence, Chaos and currently a member of Fire Dragon.
M mst001-6362-346107-3b7e37e4c3o.jpg
Haruya Nagumo
JP name: 南雲晴也
Dub name: Claude Beacons
Team: Prominence (former, Captain), Chaos (former, Captain), Fire Dragon
Position: FW
Element: Fire
Seiyuu: Kiyotaka Furushima

He is a rebellious and fearless player and captain and ace striker of team Prominence one of the top 3 teams
Nagumoharuyyaaa.jpg in Aliea Academy. He has a strong hatred towards Hiroto because of their rank differences.

He has red hair and yellow eyes and has three flame like hair on top of his head
He is rebellious and arrogant. He is strong, and know. He will also do everything to show he is the strongest of all. Jealous of being below Hiroto, he formed a team against him with the help of Gazel. Knowing that it is less than Genesis, it will seek by all means to be the strongest. He loves competiing and is not afraid to face all kinds of challenges they are offered. If he is sure of himself, Nagumo could even enraging history of valuing others. This kind of thing often ends with a confrontation like the one he threw to Endou.
Haruya(Burn) in Team Chaos Hating Hiroto and wishing to surpass him, he will even find players in Raimon posing as someone he is not (the flame striker) and will play against the entire team to be recruited. Nagumo also hates taking orders, especially from Gran would not hesitate to provoke. It's sort of a boy with a fiery temperament that does not let walk all over and who knows bounce address all situations. Its volcanic nature is completely opposite of his friend Gazel.

Plot Overview

Nagumo first appeared in Okinawa when the Inazuma Caravan were searching for someone called the Fire Striker in which Endou and Kidou thought it was Gouenji. He confronted Domon and Fubuki claiming to be the Flame Striker and challenged the team to a match seeing if he was the Fire Striker. After the match they were
Haruya as Burn.jpgabout to allow him to join the team except they were interrupted by Hiroto. Despite Nagumo's annoyance he revealed his true identity to them. When he and Suzuno the team captain of Diamond Dust heard about Hiroto's team promotion to be team Genesis, the two joined teams forming team Chaos, hoping to show their leader who's stronger.

Later in the FFI arc he and Suzuno were scouted by Aphrodi and the three joined the South Korea team : Fire Dragon and competed with other countries in the FFI (Football Frontier International) but lost to Inazuma Japan in the Asian Preliminaries Final.

Minggu, 13 Maret 2011

Suzuno Fuusuke

Suzuno Fuusuke
JP name: 涼野 風介
Dub name: Bryce Withingale
Team: Diamond Dust (Captain), Chaos, Fire Dragon
Position: FW
Number: 10 (Diamond Dust), 11 (Chaos and Fire Dragons).
Element: Wind
Seiyuu: Fujiko Takimoto.

One of the top players fromAliea Academy, Diamond Dust's captain and striker. He first appears when Epsilon Remastered
Suzuno(Gazel) in Team Chaos

loose to Raimon and "exiles" Desarm and the Epsilon team.He seems to be intrigued by Endou Mamoru's play and challenges him to one match. However, match wasn't as easy as Suzuno imagined. The match ends in a draw. During the match, he is seen stroking his hair when he is irritated. He is shocked and almost can't speak in the meeting with Gran and Burn after the match.Later on, he and Burn join forces and creates strongest team The Chaos. His best technique is

Northern Impact and he goes with nickname Gazel.
Later, he was recruited by Aphrodi and joined Fire Dragon, the South Korean team along with Burn ( Nagumo Haruya). He learned a new technique with Nagumo and Aphrodi called Chaos Break but they still lost.

Kiyama Hiroto

Young Hiroto

Kiyama Hiroto
JP name: 木山寛人
Dub name: Xavier Blitz
Team: The Genesis (former, Captain), Inazuma Japan, Raimon (temporary)
Position: Forward
Number: 11 (Genesis), 18 (Inazuma Japan)
Element: Fire
Seiyuu: Takahiro Mizushima

He first appears as Captain of The Genesis, Gran. He watches most of Raimon's matches in secret, and was first fully introduced in episode 36 after Raimon's match with Epsilon and asks Endou if he would like to play soccer with his team, wining the match by 20-0, which causes Kazemaru to leave the team and Fubuki becomes unconscious. He is curious about Endou and his way of soccer. He is surprised when even a calm-and-cool person like Gazel is so pumped up and interested to play against Raimon and Endou. Then his team fought
Gran and Burn watching the game of Diamond Dust and Raimon

against Raimon once more, Raimon finally beats Hiroto and his team by 4-3, and following the after the match, it is revealed that his name is not actually Hiroto, it's a the name that belongs to his "father's" dead son. Later in that episode he is taken back to somewhere by the police along with the other surviving Aliea Academy students and Coach's Hitomiko. Then after three months, Coach Hibiki invites him to match to join Inazuma Japan, and is placed in the A- team, which is Endou's team. Hiroto is
Hiroto as "Gran". Captain of Genesis.chosen as one of the sixteen representatives for Japan. He takes over as temporary captain after Kazemaru gets injured, and scores Inazuma Japan's first goal against The Empire, with the combination Hissatsu Grand Fire with Toramaru and Gouenji. Then Hiroto helps Endou, Hijikata and Kidou to sneak into Brazil's area, he transferred data into his pendrive from the main database to hand to the police. In the match between Brazil and Inazuma Japan, Fubuki and Hiroto shoots their new hissatsu waza "The Birth." In episode 123 Hiroto will show his new hissatsu waza "Sky Drop,"
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