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Suzuno Fuusuke

Suzuno Fuusuke
JP name: 涼野 風介
Dub name: Bryce Withingale
Team: Diamond Dust (Captain), Chaos, Fire Dragon
Position: FW
Number: 10 (Diamond Dust), 11 (Chaos and Fire Dragons).
Element: Wind
Seiyuu: Fujiko Takimoto.

One of the top players fromAliea Academy, Diamond Dust's captain and striker. He first appears when Epsilon Remastered
Suzuno(Gazel) in Team Chaos

loose to Raimon and "exiles" Desarm and the Epsilon team.He seems to be intrigued by Endou Mamoru's play and challenges him to one match. However, match wasn't as easy as Suzuno imagined. The match ends in a draw. During the match, he is seen stroking his hair when he is irritated. He is shocked and almost can't speak in the meeting with Gran and Burn after the match.Later on, he and Burn join forces and creates strongest team The Chaos. His best technique is

Northern Impact and he goes with nickname Gazel.
Later, he was recruited by Aphrodi and joined Fire Dragon, the South Korean team along with Burn ( Nagumo Haruya). He learned a new technique with Nagumo and Aphrodi called Chaos Break but they still lost.

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